Mail In Calibration

Especially in the uncertain times that we live in the prospects of being able to mail in equipment for calibration is becoming a more attractive option, especially with it being more cost effective. Of course most equipment cannot be mailed in for calibration and is too cumbersome or the logistics make it simply inefficient. However with certain pieces of equipment such as portable Rockwell and Brinell testers and accessories.

With portable testers and Brinell scopes in particular it’s common for these pieces of equipment to be shipped into an official ISO 17025 calibration laboratory. This assures that their equipment is in proper working condition and that it’s properly documented in a report and a certificate of calibration issued as well. All the normal cleaning, preventative maintenance and cleaning that is traditionally performed is done as well. For remote locations this can be convenient solution for high travel costs that can be incurred during calibration.

There are many testers both Brinell and Rockwell which fall under the classification of portable device. Some examples of these are King Brinell testers and scopes, Wilson/ACCO and other c-clamp type hardness testers,

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