The Twin Pillars of Aerospace: Hardness and Tensile Testing

Aerospace hardness and tensile testing

From ancient legends of Icarus to the cutting-edge space missions of today, the skies have always been a frontier of human curiosity. Beyond the dreams, two vital tests are the unsung heroes of aerospace achievements—hardness and tensile testing. But how do they play such a crucial role? Journey with OnPointCal—an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory—and discover the science that keeps us airborne.

Hardness & Tensile Testing: The Unsung Heroes

Hardness Testing doesn’t just gauge a material’s resistance to deformation; it’s the benchmark of structural integrity in aircraft components.

Tensile Testing, on the other hand, reveals how a material behaves under stretching forces, ensuring components stay intact under immense tension.

For the complex realm of aerospace, where each component plays a pivotal role, these tests are not just essential—they’re revolutionary.

The Aerospace Checklist: Where Do These Tests Fit In?

  • Wings and Fuselages: The backbone of any aircraft. They require a balance of hardness for resilience and tensile strength to weather the strains of flight.
  • Jet Engines: These powerhouses need metals that can resist extreme temperatures without losing shape and can endure high-tension forces without cracking.
  • Spacecraft Exteriors: In space, it’s not just about resisting the void but also withstanding micrometeoroid hits. Enter hardness and tensile testing, ensuring our crafts are space-ready.
  • Landing Gears & Hatches: Ever wondered what makes those smooth landings possible? Metals with optimal hardness and tensile properties!

OnPointCal: Ensuring Sky Isn’t the Limit

In the vast expanse of aerospace, where precision isn’t just an advantage but a necessity, OnPointCal stands tall. Through unparalleled calibration services, we ensure the two pillars of aerospace—hardness and tensile strength—are always up to the mark.

Delving Deeper: Why is This Testing Paramount?

Without these two key tests:

  • Our engines might give way mid-flight.
  • Our crafts might crumble under outer-space tension.
  • Our dreams of space exploration would remain just that—dreams.


With OnPointCal by your side, sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning. For those yearning for precision in aerospace, is your beacon.

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